The UN is investigating the facts of sterilization of Mexican women in the United States

The Mexican authorities react with restraint to crimes against their citizens located in the United States. So, recently it became known about the forced sterilization of Mexican women in American refugee camps. The UN is investigating the case, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

The publication notes that despite the activity of the UN, the Mexican authorities do not interfere in what is happening. “Because of the dependence on the States, the Mexican authorities have chosen a strategy of reconciliation and submission to the government of Donald trump. We have not seen a proper response to reports of inhumane crimes,” said Laura Carlsen, Director of the Las Américas project at the center for international policy in Mexico.

The foreign Ministry of the Latin American country said that there are no direct facts proving the operations. In addition, 20 girls interviewed by the Agency did not confirm what happened in the camp.

In mid-September, it was reported that a doctor from the refugee camps performed surgery on Mexican women to remove their uterus without their consent. In addition, some women had the wrong ovary cut out when they removed it.