A girl was beaten for wearing a skirt

Three men attacked a girl in Strasbourg, France, and beat her for wearing a skirt. This is reported by The Mirror.

A 22-year-old local resident said she was returning home when she was stopped by three men. “Look at that s***y in a skirt,” the girl recalled one of the attackers saying. The Frenchwoman apologized to the young people, after which one of them ordered her to be silent and lower her eyes.

Then, as the victim recalls, two began to hold her, and the third hit her in the face. Then the whole company fled. At the same time, according to the girl, the incident was witnessed by ten people who did not respond to the incident.

After the incident, the French government called on the country’s citizens to dress as they want. The girl noted that she would not let the incident affect her self-confidence.

In January, it was reported that in Britain, a mother and daughter beat up two pub patrons because of envy for their appearance and beautiful clothes. The women were given five years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm.